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All Exhibitors are requested to follow below instructions carefully.

Basic Guidelines

Set up of Stand
for arranging your brochures and other materials on your stand is permitted only on Saturday, morning before the exhibition opens for the public. Specific hours on both days will be posted here.

Extra Furniture, TV monitors, or other services for your Stand
Please refer to below link, from Stockholmsmassan for direct ordering of extra stand furniture or equipment for your stand. Payment terms are directly with Stockholmsmassan.
Please note that prices for orders go substantially up approximately 3-4 weeks before the fair opens.
Link: to be posted here

Book your Accommodation with Choice Hotels!
We will soon post here suggested accommodation for your stay in Stockholm during the fair.

Exhibitors’ badges
will be given at the reception area of the exhibition. There are limitations to the number of exhibitor badges given out, please contact us for more information if you need more. General rule applies that each 6sq. stand is entitled for 2 maximum exhibitor badges. The Exhibitor badges are at no extra cost, and do not mention the exhibitor name or contact person.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Stand
as an exhibitor you are strongly advised to keep your stand space clean and tidy. We only provide general cleaning of the exhibition area. For exhibitors displaying, sampling or selling food products special caution is essential. Clean and tidy stands are important to the overall good experience for the visitors.

Sending Brochures, Products, marketing material
for exhibitors stationed in Greece deadline date for sending the materials is by the 17th of January at our warehouse addresses, in cooperation with our transport company. For exhibitors stationed in Sweden full address details for sending the materials please contact us.

Extra Stand Furniture, Special Requirements
for any special requests concerning extra furniture ordering, TV screens, or other, please contact the organizer at:
North Events: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Events and Happenings
please send us the activities you are planning in your stand to be included in the program of events which will be published on our website and on our Facebook page. Provide details of the hours – time duration and the lucky winnings, contests or attractions you are planning to hold in your stand. Special events requiring more space and special permission please contact the organizer at North Events: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..